Archetype Recordings is a full two story recording complex centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska, owned and operated by Bryce Hotz. 

With experience in recording and songcraft extending back into the 90's, Bryce has converted his residential address into a facility capable of handling fully live sessions tracked and mixed to either analog tape, a state of the art Pro-Tools rig, or a hybrid approach using both mediums. I take pride in keeping sessions focused and relaxed. Keeping my prices within reach of the average local, independent artist.


Upstairs, you find a patch bay and rooms to mic up amplifiers in isolation from one another a lounge area with a large media entertainment collection. Downstairs, you find the control room which doubles as the drum tracking room and a plethora of instruments and tools to make your productions sound their best.

Outside, I have a comfortable and private patio where you can kick back and relax in the sun or shade and even fire up the grill!

On top of my decades of experience working with audio, I am also a longstanding songwriter and band member and understand the dynamics involved in such enterprises. I have long had a wide-range interest and passion in different styles and genres of music and understand the proper actions to be taken from a production standpoint to achieve the sonic goals you are after.  Thumb around my site to learn more about what I do here and what the facility has to offer. 

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Thank you for stopping by.